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Dai Smith is a songwriter-producer with a wealth of experience and success as well as music running through his veins.


Dai has written songs which have led to record and publishing deals with Sony, ATV Music, Ryko (USA) and Warner / Korova. Dai songwrites both indivudally and in collaboration – and as such he’s seen his songs in the Top 20, played live to audiences of 60,000, on TV and in film.


Writing across the whole spectrum of musical genres and styles, he has worked with a diverse range of artists and co-writers. He writes for solo artists, groups, even musicals and across a range of instrumentation. His songwriting credits are musically diverse and varied but always inspirational and commercially strong. Follow the link to find about more about Dai Smith – songwriter


Production –wise, Dai began building his own studio (affectionately known as Daisy Stores) at the age of 15. Many of the songs he’s written for other artists over the years began life in his own studio. His commitment to the art of production is well known and Dai has recorded and produced songs which have been picked up by bands such as Toploader and which have led the artists to support slots with the likes of Elton John and to album deals. Explore the Dai Smith – producer pages to find out more.


Dai is currently songwriting and producing with various artists.


If you are interested in working with Dai as a songwriter, musician, producer or engineer, just get in touch; he’d love to hear from you.

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