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2013 News

Dai has been very busy in the last eighteen months song writing and producing for many varied and exciting projects. There are too many to list here but here are just a few…

Jonjo Kerr - https://twitter.com/jonjosephkerr
Jonjo, a soldier who rose to fame in 2011 when he auditioned for The X Factor and made live shows made this announcement to his fans on Twitter : ”Whoo hooo my debut single is called You Are My World and will be with you all very very soon xxxxx’.” The single was written by The Elements who Dai is a member of and will be released on Bannatine records.
Read more: http://tellymix.co.uk/x-factor-2011/133983-x-factor-contestant-jonjo-kerr-to-release-debut-single.html#ixzz2Mehkphqo
Carolynne Poole – https://twitter.com/CarolynnePoole
Carolynne is a singer-songwriter; she was a contestant on The X Factor and made it to the "judges' houses" stage of the competition. She returned to the 2012 series and made it to the live shows with Gary Barlow as her mentor. She is also known for the second series of Fame Academy. Carolynne has recorded some Elements tracks that Dai has co-written for forthcoming release.
Kitty Brucknell - http://www.kimberleydayle.com/
Kitty Brucknell is a singer/songwriter from Cheltenham, England. Kitty rose to fame in the X Factor 2011 and has captivated audiences with her outstanding theatrical performances, setting a new standard in scale and quality of production, gaining numerous celebrity fans including Lady Gaga, Kylie Minogue, Brian May, Perez Hilton and many more. The Elements/Charlie Mason and Dai have written/produced tracks for her forthcoming album.
Cole Armourhttp://colearmour.com/bio.html
Cole Armour is only fourteen years old, but his vocal ability shatters all age barriers. He was invited for an interview and performance on the Ellen DeGeneres Show. Cole’s incredible vocal ability allows him to sing any genre of music – from Country to Pop…. all the way across the musical spectrum to opera.  Please check out Cole Armour performing the song PHENOMENAL on CTV. Written by The Elements and the uber-talented Charlie Mason/Richard Hymas...The song hit #38 in the top 40 billboard indicator charts for hot AC.


Fiona – http://www.fionarock.com/
Multipersonalitied recording artist Fiona hails from NJ, USA her Atlantic Records debut was an out of the box sensation and the MTV rotation caught the eye of Miami Vice producers where she was asked to star as Jackie in the New York Times hailed Little Miss Dangerous episode of the hit TV show. Two more albums on Atlantic and then a jump to Geffen for the AOR melodic rock smash Squeeze album followed. Along the way she dueted with her friend Kip Winger on the radio/MTV most requested hit Everything You Do and starred with Bob Dylan and Rupert Everett in the movie Hearts of Fire. The Elements wrote two songs on her current CD ‘Unbroken’ I Love You But Shut Up and I’ve Released You.

Karl Morgan And The Click/Who’s Molly – www.karlmorgan.net
Dai has Co-written and produced lots of tracks with Karl, look out for them on forthcoming releases!
Kane’d – www.kaned.co.uk
Dai has co-written/produced tracks on their forthcoming album ‘Beautiful But Tragic’ with The Elements
Electrovamp – http://www.electrovamp.co.uk
The Elements have co-written/produced lots of exciting songs with the EV girls
Including the song Electroqueer which was used as the EQ music blog theme tune and featured on the compilation "This Beat Is Poptronik".  Available to download at Amazon, HMV Digital, 7digital, Beatport, eMusic, Juno Download, Audio Jelly and The Lounge. The album also got into the Amazon dance charts top 40.
The Musician (The Musical) – www.themusicianmusical.co.uk
The Musician is a MUST SEE new musical premiering at the Taliesin/Swansea in April 2013. It is the story of Singer/Songwriter Jeff Scott and his band the Moths. It follows their rise up the charts and Jeff’s struggles with tangled relationships and all the temptations of the rock n roll underworld. This is a musical with a DIFFERENCE in that it contains a REAL rock band who will play live as the characters, in the show, and YOU decide the ending!!!!
It is based on a short film by Tom Wadlow, the musical has songs co-written and produced by Dai and can be seen in the Taliesin, Swansea April 24th – 27th 2013.
Will Jeff survive all the pitfalls that lie ahead of him? Or will he fall prey to them and become a Rock n Roll Martyr? YOU, the audience will DECIDE!!!!
Luigi Masi - http://luigimasimusic.com
The Elements have co-written two tracks for Luigi, Gotta Be That Guy is featured on his Pretty Body E.P and was co-written with Charlie Mason. The track Valentine also covered was co-written by the super talented Richard Hymas.

Dai has had a hectic 2010, working on many exciting and fulfilling
projects. Here are a few of the highlights:

The Elements http://theelements.moonfruit.com/#

The Elements Pop production team, of which Dai is a member, have been writing for and with lots of artists this year, including …….

Robin Beck - www.robinbeckrocks.com

An American female Singer, Robin topped the singles chart in the UK in 1988, and Germany in 1989 with her single "First Time", which had come to the public's attention via its use in a Coca-Cola commercial. Robin has cut the Elements track ‘Baby I’m Not A Bitch’ on her new album ‘The Great Escape’ due for release in Feb 2011.

Electrovamp www.myspace.com/electrovampofficial

A Welsh electropop duo, consisting of sisters
Tammy and Kally Davies, They have released two singles to date, their debut single, "I Don't Like the Vibe in the VIP", released on 31 December 2007, followed by "Drinks Taste Better When They're Free", which was released on 13 October 2008 and appears on the soundtrack to the 2008 comedy film ‘How to Lose Friends & Alienate People. The Elements have been co- writing new material with Electrovamp and producing tracks for their forthcoming album.

Kane’d - www.kaned.co.uk

Kane’d are a rock group from Swansea, South Wales, consisting of three sisters, Steph, Stacey and Chez. They have recently been in West Palm Beach Florida recording their debut album at Her Majesty's Music Room with Producer James Christian of the famed 'House Of Lords' www.jameschristianmusic.com. They are managed by Robin Beck’s management company ’Kane Gang Management’. The Elements have been co- writing new material with Kane’d for their forthcoming album.

Dai has also been writing and producing tracks with -

Karl Morgan www.karlmorgan.net

Swansea based Singer/Songwriter Karl Morgan
is currently recording his debut album. Dai Has been co- writing tracks with Karl and producing tracks for his forthcoming album.

Katy Lied - www.katylied.com

Dai has co-written two tracks on the forthcoming Katy Lied album ‘Winter Lightning’


Dai is still working on the musical with Allyson Summerhayes, taking longer than expected, due to the variety of other current projects, but should be finished soon!


Dai wrote the track ‘Runaway’ which was featured in the film ‘Summertime’ produced by Tornado films. Summertime is a new, modern film musical with a wholly original screen story, songs and musical score that captures the spirit and updates the traditions of folk-operas such as Gershwin’s Porgy and Bess fusing it with the grit and substance of contemporary fables such as Dancer in the Dark.

Light Films - www.youtube.com/watch?v=OXsW36vhDnE

Dai and Allyson Summerhayes co-wrote the title track, 'Stay’ for the short film ‘Potential’. ‘

January 2010 News (Extra)

Hi all, The Elements Pop Production Team are now on the web! Check out

web: http://theelements.moonfruit.com
web: http://www.myspace.com/theelementspop
web: http://twitter.com/theelementspop
web: http://en-gb.facebook.com/TheElements-Pop/100000627674460
em: theelements76@yahoo.co.uk

A little bit about The Elements…The Elements are a pop production team, writing and producing songs across the whole spectrum of musical genres and styles. Between them they have written songs which have led to record and publishing deals with Sony S2, Atlantic, Sony ATV Music, Ryko (USA), Korova and Warner Brothers.
They have seen their songs in the Top 20 (by bands such as Toploader), played live to audiences of 60,000 (supporting artists such as Elton John, Katie Melua, Girls Aloud and Celine Dion), on TV (One Tree Hill) and in film (The Bank Job).

They are happy to write speculatively as well as working with / for specific artists and they are always happy to co-write with artists..

January 2010 News

2009 was a very productive year for Dai. All of the projects that have been mentioned before are still ongoing; most of Dai's time has been taken up with –

Frankie May/The Elements
Dai has been co-writing and co-producing an album with Frankie, they have lots of songs finished and are really proud. You will hear this sometime in 2010!
Dai also has a pop production team with Frankie and Paul Jones from the band '21 against'. They write and produce songs in all styles and have called the Production team/Band ‘The Elements’. They have lots of songs finished in a variety of contemporary styles and are looking forward to pushing them to various artists in 2010.

Katy Lied
Dai has been writing more Material with Duncan from Katy Lied, Duncan came down to Dai's studio Daisy Stores where they co-wrote lots of songs for the next Katy Lied album. Dai co-wrote three on the last album, ‘Echo Games’ which they are busy promoting now. Check out ‘Echo Games' if you can, it is available in all good record stores and from all internet outlets.

The Musical
Dai has been co-writing a Musical with Allyson Summerhayes/Tom Wadlow. They have finished all the songs! And the script is also nearly there! They hope to finish the album of the show by the end of January. Dai has always wanted to be involved in the writing of a musical; they plan to put it on in 2010!

Musical Film
Dai has also written tracks for a forthcoming musical film, which will be released in 2010!


September 2009 News

Busier than ever, Dai is working with several artists on many varied and really exciting projects across the whole musical spectrum. Co-writing, recording and producing, he sometimes finds it hard to grab time to sleep, but he is absolutely loving all the projects he’s working on….. and loving the musical results even more!


Dai has been so busy he has literally not had time to Blog since his last post! Over the last few months, Dai has been involved in many very exiting and fulfilling projects, some of which are ongoing:


Katy Lied
Dai has co-written three tracks from the second Katy Lied album, called Echo Games which is available for pre-order NOW!!!
The tracks Dai co-wrote are:

  • ‘When it rains’
  • ‘Somewhere we can’t go’
  • ‘When the sun comes out’

Dai describes the band as“Like a musical trip through sunny Laurel Canyon. Great pop, with fantastic vocals and wonderful musicianship.”’

To order your copy of the new Katy Lied album Echo Games please follow this link:


Promoting this second album, Katy Lied appeared on the Bob Harris Show on BBC Radio 2 on Saturday August 22nd and played ‘When it rains’ live.
Katy Lied are on tour throughout the UK now so catch them at a gig near you!

Dai is continuing his collaborative work with Katy Lied and is currently in the studio co-writing songs for the third Katy Lied album – watch this space!

The Musician
Another forthcoming project that Dai has worked on is the short film ‘The Musician’, the premiere for which will take place on Friday 18th September, 5pm at the QUAD Arts Centre in Derby
Produced and released by Tom Wadlow Independent Films, The Musician includes a musical score and the following three tracks which Dai co-wrote with fellow songwriter Allyson Summerhayes:

  • ‘Cuts to the core’
  • ‘Lost without you’
  • ‘Moth to the flame’

The film bases its storyline on Jeff Scott who has a passion for music. His talent remains unsigned, but his passion is strong. Jeff's addiction to the progression and development of his musical skill means there is no space in his life for anything other than his music;
With his personality wilting away, Jeff becomes encased in his music, blocking those around him out - even his true love Claire. But how far will Jeff let his addiction to music go before enough is enough?!

The Elements
As you may remember over the last year Dai has been busy working with the fantastic artist and songwriter ‘Katherine Jane Owens (Davies) ’.
This has now evolved into a new band called ‘The Elements’ featuring Katherine who now goes under the name Frankie May and Dai himself on guitar and vocals. They are really excited about all the tracks written and produced so far - and the album is not far from completion.

Frankie was previously signed to Atlantic Records in the States and she has also written with industry legends such as Carole King, Diane Warren, Billy Steinberg and Glenn Ballard.

Alan Thomas from the Storys guests on piano on many of the tracks and Duncan Hamilton from Katy Lied features on mandolin on one track; Also featuring is South Wales drummer 'Slack'. One of the tracks was co-written by Dai, Frankie and Dave Stewart of Eurythmics fame!

Paul Jones. 21 against
Dai has also been speculatively songwriting with 21 against singer/songwriter Paul Jones. 21 against are a four piece rock band from South Wales whose album is entitled: ‘Nothing to Write Home About’.

Karl Morgan & The Click
Dai is also pleased to have co- written a track with Karl Morgan and the Click, a catchy, uplifting song called ‘Rolling in the sun’.

Fresh from supporting Nik Kershaw and after performing at some major venues (including The CIA Cardiff, the indigo2 London, and Midem Brit stage Cannes) and winning the ‘best band’ at the 2009 Welsh Style Awards, Karl Morgan & the Click are currently in the final stages of mixing their debut album.

Musical Film
Still in the pipeline is an ‘Under wraps musical film’ that Dai has written tracks for. No more details can be given than this! But don’t worry, Dai will tell you all about it when it is about to be released.

Stage Musical
A passion Dai has always had is to write music and songs for a stage musical. Dai is co-writing one right now! It’s in the early stages but Dai is hugely excited about it and progress is good…..more news about this will be posted over the coming months.

Planet X
Dai is also continuing his collaboration work with the pop production team Planet X, writing modern pop with influences from all genres of music.

Dai is looking forward to playing you tracks from all of these projects very soon…………….so keep checking back here for more info and some new music!

April 4 2009 - Dai has been working with the band Katy Lied on their forthcoming second album, both co-writing songs and recording with them in the ‘Motor Museum’ studios in Liverpool.

With a sound that carries a blast of Southern California in 1970 filtered through Northern England in 2009, New on lead vocals is the phenomenal Katie Harnett, on vocals/guitar/mandolin - Duncan Hamilton, drummer Paul Burgess, who has worked both live and in session with acts ranging from 10cc and the Icicle Works, to Joan Armatrading, and bassist Ian Thomson (ex Coal Porters and Lindisfarne) make up Katy Lied.


Their first album had guests such as Al Perkins, three time Grammy winning pedal steel player who played on the classic Gram Parsons records of the 1970s, also Cindy Bullens (ex Elton John band and acclaimed solo artiste) and Beeb Birtles of the Little River Band. This second album (like their acclaimed debut) has been produced by Nigel Stonier, multi-instrumentalist and collaborator with Thea Gilmore, Fairport Convention Sandi Thom and a host of others.


The second Katy Lied album that Dai has been working on is due for release in late summer 2009 and plans are already afoot to start co-writing for the third album in the autumn! For more info on Katy Lied visit www.katylied.com


April 4 2009 - Dai is also co-writing, recording and producing an album for singer/songwriter Katherine Jane Davies, who herself has written with many of the greats, such as Carol King, Dave Stewart and Glenn Ballard. Katherine has also had record deals with Atlantic and Warner Brothers.


“Kath is a very talented singer/songwriter/producer and is great fun to work with; we have been recording drums this week with the fantastic ‘Slack’ who I’ve worked with for many years, and as well as making great music that we’re really proud of, we’re having loads of fun working together!”


A mix of uplifting rock, melodic pop and soul searching ballads, the album is scheduled for release in late 2009 with exciting live performances planned to support the release. For more info on Katherine visit www.myspace.com/katherinedaviesmusic


April 4 - 2009 - Producing for other artists is something that Dai has been doing ‘under the radar’ for a while – but simply through word of mouth, projects of this nature are something that have been increasingly occupying Dai’s time in his studio recently.


Alongside producing for a number of solo and group artists, Dai is also loving working in a new production team he’s formed called ‘Planet X’. Drawing on a variety of musical influences, Planet X have already written and produced a number of songs which cover a variety of eclectic styles and genres.


Dai says, “We are having such a good time making the music we always wanted to make, with influences from Rock. RnB, Dance, Electro, Indie and mainstream commercial Pop. The songs have been really well received so far - it’s the kind of music we hope people will be talking about on Facebook and Twitter and listening to on their ipods in the next year or so!”


April 4 - 2009 - Dai is also writing music for a film, further details of which must remain firmly ‘under wraps’ for now. Embargoed by contract, Dai can’t say any more than “Watch this space - because it will be brilliant!” By the time its released you probably won’t need Dai to be the one telling you about this film…….but he promises to keep you posted just as soon as he is able!

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